War haiku



live voters
more important
than dead soldiers

grief locked with rare grace
till her son came in a box---
how she screamed and cried!

2005-08-16 - Japan

Thanksgiving Day
délicat fumet de dinde -
ciel roussi d'Irak

Yves Brillon
2005-11-24 - Canada


2005-11-13 - Yajushi, Japan

Willy Pete
at work...
in Fallujah

hanging on,
a fully clothed skeleton...
bits of flesh

rain of fire...
lights up less
burns up more

napalm then...
phosphorus now
burn baby, burn

Bombing of Fallujah in Nov, 04 with huge quantities of phosphorus based chemical weapons.

Effect of White Phosphorus (Wikipedia)

"Willy Pete" : M-77, a white phosphorus based based chemical weapon used by US forces that melts flesh down to the bones but, leaves the clothes largely intact!

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