War haiku - Kylan Jones-Huffma

In memoriam of Kylan Jones-Huffman (USA), killed while serving in Iraq.

the war is over
for one haiku poet -
seagull's cry

Paul David Mena

My prayer finished
for the auspicious rebirth
of a poet killed in war --
only then does the cricket
begin its lonely song.

--Karma Tenzing Wangchuk

newborn calf
still wet, stands, trips,
stands again

display window--
re-doing her lipstick,
a tired whore

raising her veil,
she sips fruit juice--
the souk in summer

deer tracks
by a muddy creek--
mosquitos hum

tea leaves steam
on the icy compost pile
winter sunrise

squirrel drinking
from one small puddle--
tank tracks

just below Jupiter:
hawk at dusk

Seattle spring--
one cherry tree blooming
another not

(From www.usna.edu site)

gaunt children
selling old bayonets -
noonday sun

summer solstice -
women in black abayas
wade in the sea

twelve hour watch:
the morning threat report
in rhymed couplets

uncomfortable -
body armor shifting
on the car seat

(From SunSpot.net)

Kylan Jones-Huffman

Kylan Jones-Huffman is a Surface Warfare Officer and 1994 graduate of the United States Naval Academy (or in his words, "of this fine institution"). In order to counter the intellectual and artistic vacuum of the average Navy wardroom, he began to document his time on board ship in the form of haiku (actually a genre called haibun, a combination of prose and poetry, sort of a travel journal). In the process, he met other haiku poets (in person and on-line), improved his style, been published, and generally had a roaring good time. Oh, in his spare time he studies Japanese martial arts and teaches history -- both that of ancient Greece and Nazi Germany.

Some of Kylan's poems are at