War Haiku : Terrorism.


Madrid (Spain), 2004-03-11

broken ground -
among fresh fields

11/03 22h10 - haiku-fr
Michel Martin (France)

trains pour Madrid -
arrêt brutal
avant le quai

11/03 - 22h14
Moussia Fantoli (Italie) - WHC

pianto d'uomini -
sul volto della luna
solo un'ombra
men's tears
on the moon face
one shadow

11/03 - 22h26
Feu Violet (Irlande) - WHC

dopo lo schianto
carcasse di uomini
corteccia vuota
after the crash
men's corpses
empty rind

11/03 - 22h47
Robert Wilson (USA) - WHC

overcast night...
unsafe even for
the moon

12/03 04h59
san shou uo (Japon) - WHC

on the spring
tattered comic books

12/03 05h46 - haiku-fr
Gilbert Lazar (France)

matin de mars
corps déchirés, morts, blessés
no passara

12/03 11h01
André Cayrel (France) - haiku-fr

au restaurant
français rieurs et bruyants
espagnols silencieux
visage d'une femme
sans commentaire
on sait qui c'est
de la bouche des lycéens :
hijos de putas
à la frontière
ils tremblent pour l'alcool
200 morts
vent violent
larmes au coin des yeux
de la douanière

12/03 11h20
Norman Darlington - WHC

Anguished and hurting, for the people of Spain, at this dark moment.

age-old vineyard
this year's vintage
sours in the barrel
spring's false promise -
torn from the tree
spring storm
all our flags
every picture
the same colour

12/03 - 15h06
André Duhaime (Canada) - haiku-fr

embrasse ton enfant
maintenant ... dans une heure
qui sait

12/03 - 15h25
Norman Darlington - WHC

waiting and waiting
babies uncollected
at the creche

12/03 - 15h56
Bette Norcross Wappner (USA)- WHC

diablo winds
ashes from Spain linger
on the morning pond

12/03 - 25h17
Michel Martin - France

puerta del sol
plus d'un million de bougies
moins deux cents

13/03 01h40
Rob Flipse (Belgium) - haiku-fr

vos bagages -
voyageurs du train de morts
après l'explosion

13/03 - 18h42
Damien Gabriels (France) - haiku-fr

New York, Bagdad, Madrid
toujours la même nausée
basta ya !

13/03 - 21h50
Serge Tomé (Belgium) - haiku-fr - WHC

no passaran !
toutes ces bougies
dans la nuit
no passaran !
all these candles
in the night
no pasaran!
tutte queste candele
nella notte

13/03 - 22h03
Mary Lee McClure (USA) - Nobo

not enough tears
to wash away their hurt
and horror

13/03 - 22h07
Jean-Claude César (France)

matin d'effroi-
des bombes dans une gare
les cris des paons

14/03 - 11h19
Francis Tugayé (France) - haiku-fr

Soleil sur les larmes.
La foule tourne vers le ciel
ses paumes blanches.

André Cayrel (France)

nuit de Madrid
bien au dessus des parapluies
des mains ouvertes

Carole MacRury (USA)

savage wind -
a field of poppies
ripped and torn
red earth -
a kiss goodbye
Madrid -
with spring rains
a flood of tears
before his Easter lily
March night -
an old bull turns
from the red
A train in Madrid -
so many cell phones
late at night -
dreaming the red
of terrorist blood

Moussia Fantoli (Italie)

quel che rimane:
la traccia del rossetto
sulla tazzina
what remains:
the lipstick trace
on the teacup

Gilbert Lazar (France)

Attentat, deuil, fin
Tendres fleurs de prunus roses
Printemps de la mort

Francis Tugayé (France)

Soleil sur les larmes.
La foule tourne vers le ciel
ses paumes blanches.
an apple rolls out
from a workman's lunch box
Atocha station

-- in memory of the 192 persons whose lives were stolen from them, from those they loved, and from their hopes of a better future. Let us remember them!

a clipping from home
'Aguilas Ganan Serie"
found in his jacket

Many of the 191 victims, like this imagined one from the Dominican Republic, were immigrants trying to find a new life.

Catbird 55