War Haiku.


Iraq - 2008

Some WIP from the desert.

Sumerian sun
through the City of Ur
a sandstorm
orange clouds a taste in my mouth
of dirt
gray sky
looking through shades
for color
Iraqi night
satellites prettier
than stars
witching hour
music laced with
the whir of treadmills
desert moon
tilting the hour glass
with a sigh
bunker time
a fly on the wall
desert dawn
the only colors
a mango sky
blue skies
little birds beneath
the date palm
cold morning
the desert sun
atop the Ziggurat
Abraham's home
crumbling ancient bricks
beneath my feet
noonday wait
the heft of PPE gear
on my back
lonely walk
in mounds of rubble
looking for...what?

Paula Fisher
2008-02-25 - USA - Iraq

Copyright Paula Fisher, 2008