War Haiku.


Iraq - 2012

never in season
the fog of war

(with a son about to deploy for the second time)

Paul David Mena
2012-01-30 - USA

snow flurries --
reading the names
of the dead Marines

Paul David Mena
2012-02-25 - USA

broken toy soldiers
in a box
marked "return"

Paul David Mena
2012-03-03 - USA

The Final Four -- hoping my youngest son doesn't reenlist

Paul David Mena 2012-03-12 - USA

not a video game --
my son's
next deployment

Paul David Mena
2012-11-06 - USA

a present for me --
my grandson doesn't want
a toy gun for Christmas

Paul David Mena
2012-12-24 - USA

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