War haiku


Sommergras - Variationen
űber ein Haiku von Mastuo Bash˘
Collection by Martin Berner

Close to Verdun
in summer in the grass
a wedding ring in half

from a flower head of grass
scattering seed
on the unknown soldier's grave

Martin Berner (Germany)

On someone's command
he lays on the field of flowers
a carpet of bombs

Georges Hartmann (Germany)

War cemetery --
in early summer dew
the grasses blub

Krisztina Kern (Germany)

a newmown smell
from the unknown
soldier's grave

David Cobb (England)

in Flanders fields
the school-kids whinge:
mud on their Nikes

Geoffrey Daniel (England)

Veterans' Day flags --
the sounds of the clouds
passing over

Gary Hotham (England)

Flander's fields...
always the poppies
keep returning.

Ron Woollard (England)

battlefield silent --
a boy's dead eyes
looking at flowers

Zivko Prodanovic (Croatia)


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Sommergras - Variationen űber ein Haiku von Mastuo Bash˘
Collected and edited by Martin Berner
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