'pissed off poems and cross words'

one-line haiku sequences

god's promise 'and he shall rule over thee' [january 1986]

'My friends, do we realize for what purpose we are convened? Do we fully understand that we aim at nothing less than an entire subversion of the present order of society, a dissolution of the whole existing compact?'

Elizabeth Oakes Smith, 1852



Marlene Mountain

one-line haiku sequence




'elegance wealth position' 20 lbs of brass coil up her neck
adultery punishment coils off her flops suffocation
from age 5 individual & tribal identity (or giraffe woman)
'exotic' beauty secret clavicle and rib displacement

floor scrubbed and waxed from atop her pedestal
in her hospital bed a cancer patient raped

africa (incl. egypt) yemen saudi arabia iraq jordan syria etc
gouge out clitoris cut off inner lips scrape outer bind w/thorns
sorry kiddo (if you live) nothing to touch isn't your body
wedding night defibulation he makes 'entrance' his own size
and to his advantage she's never satisfied in bed

wedlock she and her towel marked 'his'
petting: first her breast caressed by the surgeon's knife

foot bones broken at 5 bound rebound 3 inches at 'maturity'
what charming and clever names for stumps
he puts his penis on her 'lotus hook' then guess what he does
1000 years ingrained can she look at the flower

i can't get it up is how he describes his wife
to a no: you god damn stinking whore you castrating bitch

germany italy france spain etc etc etc
'witchcraft from carnal lust which is in woman insatiable'
they collect male organs feed them corn and oats
judge's hard-on questions the child about sex with satan
torture & burn 9000000 women to the glory of god

rape victim further raped with megadoses of des
abortion clinic bombed by white male religion

after the wedding her aged 9 flesh in shreds pelvis crushed
age 10 her age 60 husband dies burn her: suttee . . . or
rest of her life bowl of rice/tea chant 8 hours daily: hare rama
accidental dowry murders and no-son murders

seduction by professor pastor psychiatrist
i'm better than most men he says after beating her

knight in shining armor wife in chastity belt full of shit
---it's all too much i can't continue

america and all over
male god = male is divine keep your place woman the rules are set
---in my best shrill voice no they're not

'If a woman ignores these wrongs, then may women as a sex continue to suffer them; there is no help for any of us--let us be dumb and die.'
Elizabeth Barrett Browning



Copyright Marlene Mountain, 2002