in this daisy-cutter world roots and seeds and messengers killed

sweet rain or acid all the autumn colors appear greener

is this the year of its fall that monument to men

an ear to the sweet ground as nuke talk flies through the air

anti-war/peace petition i sign and go on as if nothing happened

  Marlene Mountain  



from the bible from the oval office: kill the wicked

in dc a tree smothered with all that capitalism can buy

'operation candyman' a pack of pedophiles busted

world 'sex trade' hardened new growth of the pines

'adult movies' full of horses and goats along with 'everything nice'
[as in accused murderer westerfield's collection]

then we redo everywhere like america a very violent place

i didn't get to sign a 'we the people' document or even suggest stuff

just where are those dotted lines

parents dead child missing the dripping leaves

a light rain with a heavy rain to follow as poverty increases

the blues talk of urban warfare heats up the evening cool

in line beside the barbed-wire a baby comes out in a taxi

'amber alert' somehow home-grown tomatoes fall flat
('amber alert' is an alert about missing children in america--named after a little girl.)




Copyright Marlene Mountain, 2002