bullets or raindrops?
both left a trail
that Fall


Two things hit us hard that autumn, the Monsoon rains and enemy fire. I'd never experienced heavier rain. It almost never rained during the daylight hours. But, when nightfall came and the hot tropical sun traveled to the other side of the world, the rain torrents. So much so, that in
minutes, military vehicles would sink into mud that, moments earlier, had been dry earth. Often accompanying the rain were hurricane force winds. The rain and the wind created an eerie symphony. Providing a counter melody were the creaking and whining of the boats moored on the docks beside our River Repair Boat barge. The rains were often destructive, laying havoc to roads, bridges, and com-munication lines. That same Fall, the enemy struck our base hard. Mortar and rocket attacks were common day occurrences. Firefights on the perimeters were also commonplace. Automatic rifles from both sides pelted the area with lethal projectiles,
leaving a trail of blood in their wake.





Vietnam Ruminations - Robert D. Wilson
Copyright Robert D. Wilson, 2003