War haiku - haibun - Dina Cox

War haiku - haibun

Dina Cox

Just looked out the window where I sit when at my computer. Massive snowflakes are falling, silently, to the ground.. I stared transfixed for a few minutes, and found myself thinking of a newly acquired heaviness I seem to carry with me every day. It is there when I awaken, and it is there when I retire at night.Perhaps it was the heavy appearance of the snowflakes which brought my mind back to what for me, is this unusual sense of something pending.

the poet ponders
the weight of snowflakes
this waiting for war

far off rumble
of war - I reach for
my small granddaughter

gathering warmth
melts the snow . . .
talk of war

reading war ku
unable to form the words
first day of spring

Copyright Dina Cox, 2004