War Haiku.

grey sky


emerald eternity
digging wet tunnel graves
jungle night patrol

[c 2003 thomas fortenberry]

charlie brown plays ball
hippies gather in frisco
vietnam drags on

Mike Subritzky (NZ)

dark closet old roommate's sock
awaits his return from Vietnam


"Nam memorial
a rusted peace button
taped over a name

- John J. Dunphy - 2003
(originally published in Modern Haiku XXX:3)

a halo around the moon
the night of my first kill

- John J. Dunphy
(published in Frogpond XVIII:2)

tray of Purple Hearts
priced at ninety-five cents each
on a pawnshop shelf

(published in Wind Chimes, Issue 24)

young Marine
so ramrod straight
in his coffin

(published in Frogpond XVI:1)

These three poems are included in my first chapbook "Old Soldiers Fading Away" (ISBN# 1-58998-409-9), just published by Pudding House of Columbus, Ohio, USA. Drop me an e-mail for ordering information.

- John J. Dunphy - 2006

crickets in
bunkers tapping
out psalms

robert d. wilson
USA - Manilla

incoming rocket---
its whistle, my heartbeat,
play Taps


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