War Haiku.

grey sky

World War I

deeply entrenched
in silence
a few left standing

sprite (UK)

Armistice Day---
the seconds hand
passes eleven

Fred Masarani

blood-red flowers grow
out from a shell-shocked landscape
Flanders, late autumn

Catbird 55

plaine de Champagne
une buse en sentinelle
le trafic à l'œil
Chemin des Dames
le brouillard
n'efface rien

Danièle Duteil

the year's end
all those graveyard names
carved into the fog
war memorial
snow has almost covered
the poppy wreaths

Mark Holloway

twenty-one gun salute--
son points at nests
on bare trees

Alegria Imperial
BC, Canada

cimetière militaire -
le vent effiloche drapeaux
et cerisiers roses

Damien Gabriels

poppies swaying
between the trenches,
once more

Tomislav Maretic
2008-11-11 - Croatia