War Haiku.

grey sky

American Civil War

museum display
a civil war medal
pinned to a mannequin


Rippling the surface
the South shall rise again
skipping stones moon

thomas fortenberry

Gettysburg -
the children pause
to watch a dove

H. Gene Murtha, USA
The Heron's Nest, Vol.4 #10
Mad Poets Review, Vol.17, 2002

civil war trench
echoes of the wind
where they once threw

*Fort Davidson State Historic Site (USA)


Georgia courthouse lawn
two rusted cannons
pointed north

John J. Dunphy
(originally published in Brussels Sprout X:3)

Civil War reenactment
both armies flee
the thunderstorm

John Dunphy, USA


Civil War Haiku - Melissa M. Whelan

Copyright authors, 2003