War haiku


War cemeteries

Quanto freddo - anche
nelle tombe i soldati
son messi in fila

Yamazaki Hisao (1927 - nel 1999 era ancora in vita)
trad. di Araki Tadao e Ettore Corò, Empirìa 1999

Such coldness
even in their graves
soldiers are lined up

trans. Moussia

"Memory for ever!"
on the sunken grave
fresh grass


Yesterday was poppy day here in New Zealand which raises money for war veterans and commemorates the wars where Australian and New Zealand forces fought alongside each other. In the bloody fields of the First World War there was a time of huge loss of young lives. Growing in those fields were seas of wild poppies. Anzac day does not glorify war but rather asks we all think about the high price paid for all the people involved.

as shells scream
blood soaks the earth ~
a sea of red poppies

Craig McLanachan

"Nam memorial
a rusted peace button
taped over a name

- John J. Dunphy
(originally published in Modern Haiku XXX:3)

the memorial of the


Red as a poppy
Maple leaves fall
on the memorial

Angelika Kolompar
BC, Canada

memorial wall–
all those summers
these young men missed

Alegria Imperial
BC, Canada

white grave markers, flags
row after row after row
'just wars' kill, too

Catbird 55 USA

war memorial
timeworn names
collect snow
mémorial de guerre
les noms effacés par le temps
retiennent la neige

Allen McGill
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

war memorial
snow has almost covered
the poppy wreaths

Mark Holloway

snow falling
on the headstones . . .
just and unjust wars

Bill Kenney

the war memorial
suddenly lonely

Mike Rehling

All Souls Day
a broken rose at
the war memorial

John J. Dunphy

war memorial
an eagle descending
on the playground

Bill Kenney USA

Vukovar museum --
young faces keep on
defying the death
poppies... swaying
between the trenches,
once more...
between a candle
and its flame in the marble
names shivering

Tomislav Maretic

at the Cenotaph
in the silence of remembering
a cell phone rings

Dina E. Cox

strewn about the war monument piles of broken branches

Paul David Mena 2012-03-16