War Haiku.



'Crystal Night' gusts of rain outside

O.G. Aksnes

Ghetto al mattino
in fila, infreddoliti,
contro il muro
Ghetto in the morning
in a single row, chilled,
against the wall
le ghetto au matin
en file, dans le froid
contre le mur

Brando Altemps

crowded in
by fellow onlookers
at the Holocaust Museum
I travel the dark corridors
of the human soul
winter exhibition
at the Holocaust Museum --
a photo of two Nazis
grinning for the camera
in their woolen coats

Jane E. Wilson (USA)

fall -
the serial number
on her hand
to wither
the widow
my tattoo
hers . . .
a serial

H. Gene Murtha (USA)
27 Jan.2004

Auschwitz --
la neige sur les ruines
des crématoires

59eme anniversaire de la libération du camp d'extermination d'Auschwitz par les Russes. April, 9th

Just a small basket
filled with hidden treasures
she carries proudly

April 9th is an anniversary of the murder of Pastor Bonhoeffer (Wikipedia) by the Nazis.
A story he always told was how his 91 year old grandmother, Frau Julie Bonhoeffer defied the Nazis and bought strawberries from a Jewish merchant -- the last time that was allowed. Faith and courage seem to run in the family

Catbird 55

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