War Haiku



howling wolves--
there's still enough light
to find our way home

Billie Wilson (USA)

Flag Day --
anti-war demonstrators
led away in handcuffs

(Cambridge, MA)
Paul David Mena

chair a canons ~ dois-je me rejouir que mon enfant soit une fille?
cannon fodder ~ must i rejoice that my child is a girl ?

sprite (UK)

ma vieille gamelle
où mangent les oiseaux -

Marcel Peltier (Belgium)

anti-war demo
snowflakes melt
on the horse's backside

Johannes Manjrekar
2005-10-29 - India

autumn sun--
mahatma ghandi's
shining bronze head

Vaughn Seward
2005-11-19 - USA

snow falling
on the headstones . . .
just and unjust wars

Bill Kenney
2009-12-13 - USA

cloudy day -
the rainbow flag waves
on a balcony

Israel Balan
2006-04-18 - Mexico

world peace day:
a march through the roads
leaves change colour
autumn colours . . .
father talks gently
of life and death

Kala Ramesh

in the schoolyard
making peace between factions --
one lone boy
bedtime --
around the kerosene lamp
we pray for peace


Isabelle Prondzynski
2006-09-22 - Belgium

Peace Pagoda <>
overlooking the world
from a small hill

Peace Pagoda in Narita

Gabi Greve 2006-09-29 - Japan