War Haiku.



'thru barbed wire'

by suhni, sprite & carmen
Feb 2003

thru barbed wire her gaze clings to the border /suhni

behind tall mountains 'did my son make it across?' /sprite

inside the refugee tent a lifetime of memories and one photo /carmen

clutched in weathered hands the application for asylum /suhni

more and more forms to be filled in a foreign language /sprite

an aid worker loans a pen tears stain the paper /carmen

un cerf-volant...
sur le camp de refugiés
et des gosses
a kite ...
over a refugee camp
and kids in dust

Pakistan, 2001-10-20

Serge Tomé

July Fourth fireworks---
I stand next to
an Iraqi refugee

Fred Masarani
2008-07-05 USA