War Haiku : Terrorism.


Domodedovo, Russia - 2011-01-29

Today at 4:32 pm - in the middle of commuters heading to and from work -- bombs filled with home-made shrapnel killed more than 30 at a Moscow Metro station.

she cries silently
her sobs barely audible
and no one to hear

elle crie en silence ses sanglots à peine audibles et personne pour l'entendre

rivulets of red
running down her pale young face
she clutches a doll
ruisseaux rouges
coulant sur son visage jeune et pâle
elle s'accroche à une poupée

Catbird 55, USA

qualcuno ha cancellato
i passeggeri
at the airport
someone has cancelled
the passengers
à l'aéroport
quelqu'un a annulé
les passagers

Moussia, Italia