War Haiku.


Veterans Day.

Eleven of November in the USA. http://en.wikipedia.orgwikiVeterans_Day W

Veterans Day---
smart people
start wars
blue sky---
a mourning dove calls---
Veterans Day

Fred Masarani

dignified march-
veterans and peacekeepers
pass the applause
wreath laying-
youth choir accompanies
the veterans

tina stanton

Veterans Day---
next one is on
eleven eleven eleven

Fred Masarani

Veteran's Day -
bringing in the wood,
he rests to take my call

William Sorlien

veterans day
the children dye yarn
with koolaid

Heather Madrone
2011-09-18 - USA

As we placed yellow ribbons in the old oaks around the church today, I realized just how badly they've been damaged. Before brunch, we raised the flag for Veteran's Day and gave thanks to the men of our community who have served. In my family, five generations of Military service and all came home alive but not all unscathed.

grandma's war cake
a little girl sighs
"is there no candy?"


Paula Fisher
2011-11-13 - USA

veterans' day --
the former green beret hides
in his barn

Heather Madrone
2005-11-12 - USA

Veterans Day morning fog---
unlike the fog of war
it's harmless

Fred Masarani
2012 - NYC, USA