War Haiku.


War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity.

war crimes trial
the defendant tries to suppress
another yawn

- John J. Dunphy
(originally published in Frogpond XXV:1)

Katyn - 1940 - Poland

Zygmunt Bell tolls
twenty times for Katyn
again, the 'cursed' place

Poland's President, the heads of its military, other senior government leaders, died today when their plane crashed near Katyn Forest in western Russia. They had journeyed to that 'cursed' place to mark the 70th anniversary of the massacre of thousands of Polish Army officers under the orders of Stalin. These officers were NOT killed in battle. They were rounded up AFTER Poland had surrendered at the start of World War II.

Don't confuse with Khatyn massacre in Belarus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khatyn_massacre (S.Tome)

Catbird 55


Oradour sur Glane
dans chaque maison
une machine à coudre

Oradour sur Glane (France) : 10 juin 1944, un bataillon de la Waffen SS massacrent 642 civils.

Michel Martin

Armenians genocide of 1915-1923

April anniversary –
candle drops in the crowded
Armenian church

91-st anniversary, of course. Armenian Genocide of 1915- 1923 commemorated in April, 24

2006-04-24 - USA