War Haiku.

grey sky

World War II - the Philippines

harvest moon---
a soldier bayoneting

The Philippinesese Army occupied the Philippines during World War Two. Many of the soldiers hated Filipinos, looking down upon them as an inferior race. The atrocities committed during the occupation were unspeakable. Devote Catholic women forced into prostitution; citizens indiscriminately murdered without regard to age.

Some of my in-laws lived through this hell. They've shown me bullets in the walls of their homes; told me of the fear they experienced when soldiers roamed the streets,
looting their homes, forcing them to live in basements and the nearby jungle. As a veteran of another war, I have seen firsthand what war can do to the mindset of young men uprooted from their country fighting a war they are not prepared to fight spiritually and psychologically. Especially when they are thrust into battlefields rife with the blood of friends and fellow soldiers.

robert wilson