War Haiku.

grey sky

World War II

aspra battaglia
poi con gesti di madre
venne la neve

Moussia Fantoli (Italy)

France haiku
German haiku
Dresden, 1944-02-13
Japanese haiku
the Phillipines
the Pacific
Hiroshima haiku 1
Hiroshima haiku 2
Hiroshima Day
Nagasaki haiku

After the war

Beaches of Normandy


Yasuhiko Shigemoto (Japan) : When the Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6 in 1945, I was working at a factory about 2500 meters north of the A-bomb blast center as a student mobilizer. I was fifteen years old.

Yasuhiko Shigemoto's Hiroshima Haiku Book on awhw.