War Haiku.

grey sky

World War II - Nagasaki

A-bomb epicenter...
a child in the heat shimmer
has disapperead
vomiting blood
with parched eyeballs --
the scorching sun

At Urakami in Nagasaki

From Shufukin, 1955
Yatsuka Ishihara (Japan)

faded postcard
the Nagasaki temple

Nora Wood

morning dew on temple burials
Jizu's* face with tear drops,
Nagasaki remembered.

*Jizu is a small stone statue next to a child's grave-site, as a Bodhisattva for protection and enlightenment.

Joachim Seckel

a wooden statue
of the Madonna
found after the blast.

Nagasaki, 1945, a statue of the Madonna was found under the rubble of the Catholic cathedral in that city.

his reading glasses
dusty but without a scratch
scholar's monument
too early for lunch
a schoolboy frowns at a clock
eleven oh one

11:02 am, local time, August 9, 1945
Nagasaki, Japan, the bomb detonates

Paper lanterns
along a river
so many prayers

Catbird 55